Partnership and proposal elements and budgeting

Some useful elements for an optional partnership agreement, sub-award, LOS, LOA, or MOU

  • A description of the ISE plan: who will do what, when, and how
    A rough timeline
    Allocation of responsibilities
  • Designation of a principal liaison for each partner
  • Statement of intent to be responsive in a timely manner to partner’s needs
  • Source of funding and contingencies; notification of award protocol
  • Protocols for naming, listing, and crediting partner organizations
  • Budget totals and agreed overhead or indirect cost allowances
  • Billing and accounts payable procedures
  • Reporting requirements
  • Procedure for modifications of the agreement
  • Signature of CEO, principal investigator, or other high-level authorized entity

Elements often required for a sub-award submission

  • A description of the ISE plan: who will do what, when, and how, and rationale
  • Designated PI and references to prior work, a biosketch or CV, sometimes in particular format.
  • Targeted audiences and planned impacts
  • Evaluation plan for assessing impact, showing evidence of consultation with an evaluator
  • A budget, usually overall for full extent of project, with particular detail provided for first one or two years.
  • Federal IDC rate statement
  • Letter of support signed by a board-authorized representative of the institution.
  • Current & Pending form (C&P) for the principal investigator or project leader on the informal side.
  • Sometimes pre-registration of the organization and of the principal investigator on the proposal portal of the funding agency’s website.
  • Sometimes an IRB certification or pending application number

Additional elements that may be required in a proposal for a direct award

  • Rationale: the “why” of the plan, including appropriate references to prior work and a logic model or theory of action
  • Research Plan including rationale, literature review, benefits for wider field, dissemination, intellectual merit and broader impacts
  • Timetable mapping out the plan of action, milestones, and reporting deadlines
  • Biosketches for all key staff on the project, their role on the project, the percent of time they will devote to the project, and their C&Ps
  • A detailed evaluation plan and letter of commitment from evaluator
  • A dissemination plan
  • Letters of support from the CEO or director of the institution, advisors, partners written into the research plan or listed as collaborators.
  • Many agencies will require acknowledgement of common ethics and standards, such as research on human subjects certification and Institutional Review Board (IRB) certification, if the project includes elements such as collection of personal data or research with minors.